Massage therapy is not just for those who want to unwind after a work week. The act of a professional placing just enough pressure on the muscles to soothe them extends to seniors who find themselves stressed over life’s changes. Here are five ways that massage therapy can combat anxiety in elderly persons.

**Massages have a way of relieving tension in a person who is experiencing anxiety and the negative impact of stress. An older woman who is nervous about an upcoming eye exam may find that her fears are calmed after undergoing physical treatment that targets the body’s most tense areas and soothes said muscles. Such is the wonder of massage therapy. Seniors can go into a session worried about life’s cares and walk away from the treatment with a new take on life. The mind tends to follow the body and vice versa. Massage therapy inadvertently puts your fears to rest while taking on the primary challenge of relieving physical tension.

**Improves sleep quality
A good massage causes a fair amount of serotonin to be released, which ultimately leads to the body relaxing enough to get a good night’s rest. Your mind is much clearer when you sleep at least seven hours before commencing with activities. Remember that poor sleep quality can increase stress levels as you worry about the effects such deprivation has on your body.

**Provides pain relief
Not only does massage therapy loosen the muscles to decrease the chance of having unexpected aches in the morning and at night, but the practice also releases endorphins that provide pain relief. A natural relief to aches reduces the need for drugs made in a lab, which is one less thing that seniors have to worry about during the day.

**Reduces depression
Headaches and feelings of anxiety decrease, depression takes a backseat during and after a good massage. Minor spouts of severe sadness melt away every time a therapist relaxes your muscles. Depression is, by many expert opinions, a result of stress that overwhelms the mind and fosters feelings of hopelessness. Imagine one session of massage therapy significantly reducing the possibility of severe sadness.

**Muscle Cramps
Muscle cramping is the norm for active seniors. Such is the reason why many elderly individuals schedule a massage therapy session immediately after going through an intense workout outdoors or at the gym. Seniors should never push themselves beyond their limits since legal action sometimes requires witnesses to testify the effects that soothing the environment. Regardless of the motivation, you should schedule stress tests often to ensure that anxiety does not reach an all-time high.

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